Puppy Training Diary

Kaylee's Sister, Chloe

Chloe is Kaylee's sister. Isn't she absolutely adorable? They resemble each other physically only in that they both have 2 eyes, a wet black nose and a tail that wags non-stop. Chloe is much smaller, darker and has a smoother, less dense coat than Kaylee. Her head is narrow and her muzzle is pointier.

Chloe looks much like Ricci did when she was a puppy. It'll be interesting and fun to watch them grow up together. Chloe lives with her mom and dad, Jeri and Bob in another country. But I'm joking. I say that because it seems like a days drive to their house. Actually it's only about 30 minutes or so away, but it feels like forever when Kaylee is waiting to have a play-date with her sister. It's wonderful they have each other as they can rough and tumble and play and bite each other in ways that is impossible for us humans to interact with them. They both sleep the entire day after a play-date.

Jeri and I are also comparing notes on their respective development. Whatever one does for the first time, usually within a day, the other is doing the same. Kaylee discovered digging for the first time one day and Chloe discovered it on her own the next day. Kaylee discovered her barking voice and the next day, so did Chloe. And the stories go back and forth every day.

Chloe seems to have caught on to going potty in the gravel a bit before Kaylee did. I think it's because Chloe is a real chow-hound and Jeri has been rewarding her with a "cookie" every time she pees in the gravel. Chloe caught on quickly and would run outside and pee just to run back inside and sit by the kitchen counter where the cookie was dispensed. She's so cute and smart! Kaylee is fairly non-chalant about food. Kaylee eats and loves to eat and eats everything under the sun including bugs, but the sun doesn't rise and set with food. Food will not be as big a motivator as a reward for her when we do our training.

When I watched the pups with the litter, Chloe was always on the bottom of the food chain. At times she ran frantically around mom and never did get any milk. She was often bull dozed away from the food bowl by 12 other puppies. She wasn't the runt, but it was obvious she wasn't getting as much as she'd have liked. On the other hand Kaylee always had more than her fair share. She was plump and just as big as all the boys in the litter. Chloe was 3rd born and weighed more than Kaylee (10th born) at birth, but she was 1.5 pounds lighter in body weight at 8 weeks. She's catching up though. Last week she was 13 pounds and Kaylee was 14. I weighed Kaylee every week.

Kaylee's Sister, Chloe

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