Puppy Training Diary

Climbing - Kaylee's Early Agility Skills

Kaylee loves to test her agility skills by climbing into and onto anything she can. She especially loves chairs, tables, hose boxes and bath tubs.

Her breeder had old tires, tunnels, boxes, etc. for the pups in their play area. So Kaylee had already developed some skills getting in, around, over and up on to various obstacles when playing with the other pups in her litter. Her confidence level is very high and no obstacle seems to intimidate her. Her small physical stature is her only limitation right now.

I need to get some agility equipment soon as she has such a strong instinct to climb. From the first day outside she tried to walk on the bricks that give the exercise pens support. She would walk it with her front feet and try to get her back feet up before falling off.

She was running the doggy 500 around the patio one morning, boomeranging off the patio furniture when she accidentally landed up on a chair. It was her first time up there on her own. She looked shocked that she was up there, and appeared to be thinking "Wow! Look at the view from up here!" That afternoon the guitars in the house definitely went up on the wall.

Climbing - Kaylee's Early Agility Skills

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