Puppy Training Diary

Kaylee Antics at 11 Weeks

The Closet

Kaylee often appears happier to see a closet full of shoes than she is to see me. Whenever she saw the closet door open, she made a beeline for it. She looked at all the shoes and wagged her tail like she had found a long lost friend. I suppose it's because her first experience with people as a little puppy was with shoes. Puppies don't look up high enough to see shins or knees. They only see shoes. When they see shoes, it means someone fun has arrived to play, pet or feed them. Shoes mean that soon a human will squat or sit on the floor and generously dole out kisses and praise and treats. And by the way, it's shoes. No one in their right mind would walk into a den of 13 puppies with bare or stocking feet. Puppy teeth are like needles and at least the shoe is a barrier of protection from the attack and onslaught of puppy teeth.

She found a fun game and tasty treat this morning...... crickets!!! Poor things. Even tho i don't like them, they do sound wonderful at night. I actually feel bad that they face a horrible death of being stalked and eaten alive by puppy monster. She doesn't even bother to take the time to play with them anymore. She just pounces once and chomp, chomp - down the hatch they go. The grasshoppers are a little more of a challenge for her - it took her perhaps 5 seconds to catch one. They used to seem faster, but her speed and coordination had improved. Maybe those bugs served a purpose at honing her hunting skills.

Kaylee's New Yard - Close supervision required

Kaylee now has her own special yard but she can't use it for another 2 weeks. The area had to be fenced off before she and her sister could run amok in the grass, eat it, roll on it and find more bugs. The sod is new and needs a chance to root in the ground. Dogs love to eat grass and dirt. I had to supervise her constantly to make sure she didn't dig. She learned to dig in the gravel but that didn't seem to keep her interest very long. She would rather chew on, taste and play with everything but her toys right now.

Kaylee Antics at 11 Weeks

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