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Bursts of Energy - The Doggy 500

I call it the "Doggy 500" when my dogs charge wildly and madly - dashing at full speed - in a circle. Kaylee's first Doggy 500 was on my bed when she was 11 weeks old. It's a quite amazing to watch, a frenzy of energy and I'm certain all dogs do this, although it happens more frequently with young dogs and puppies.

Kaylee loves to squeeze under the couch to reach the air conditioning vent under there. Every day she would run the Doggy 500 madly dashing around the living room, around furniture and ricocheting off the walls. Then she would dive bomb under the couch. One day very soon she will have a rude encounter as her head smacks against it when she doesn't fit under there any more!

All my dogs have done the Doggy 500 at some point in their life. Sometimes to invite chase from another dog and many times on their own with a "phantom" playmate. This burst of energy usually comes out of nowhere and lasts just a short while.

Bursts of Energy - The Doggy 500

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