Puppy Training Diary

Introduction | Raising Kaylee

You've all heard of the cobbler's children who have no shoes and the gourmet chef's family who dines on TV dinners? Do you ever wonder how professional dog trainers raise and train their own dogs?

In public, their dogs are always the role model and perfectly behaved. But what really happens in private and behind the scenes? Do their dogs behave at home? Do they have the same frustrations and problems that the rest of us have when raising and training a puppy? What secrets do they know that you should know?

Well here's an inside scoop from an expert in the field of dog and puppy training. Discover what really happens in this entertaining, encouraging and revealing account of how professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist Gwen Bohnenkamp raises and trains her own golden retriever pup, Kaylee, from day one.

Gwen is refreshingly candid, often funny, but always honest in her soul exposing, loving and joyful sharing of her day to day life with her new pup.

In her puppy diary, Gwen conveys her emotional attachment to her new puppy and how this attachment, in many ways, got in the way of her better judgement on how to train her new puppy.

Her advice on how to choose a reputable and exceptional dog breeder as well as how to pick a puppy from the litter ... is priceless !

Introduction | Raising Kaylee

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